Designing + Prototyping

At Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference, my team shared what we have learned about how to design and build prototypes for better software interfaces. If you are interested in what I do, I hope you will take the time to watch some of these.

Three more coming at WWDC 2018!

2017 60 Second Prototyping
My team member creates prototypes while competing with time itself (10 min)
2015 Designing with Animation
My teammates and I discuss when and why animation should be used (40 min)
2015 Designing for Future Hardware
My manager and my teammates design for fake hardware (40 min)
2014 Prototyping
My manager, my teammates, and I share our process (60 min)

Say hi

Please say hello if you see me at a future WWDC! I usually help developers at the User Interface Lab. Some years we even have a Prototyping Lab.