MCHI Project: DeltaV

Jason Chalecki, Samantha Konwinski, Julian Missig, Karen Taxier, and Daniel Zinzow

The Master of Human-Computer Interaction degree at Carnegie Mellon requires a capstone project: An eight-month long project team composed of five students dealing with a real client in industry. My team worked with Emerson Process Management to improve their DeltaV Process Automation software.

DeltaV is process control automation software that power plant, refinery, biotech, and chemical processing operators sit in front of and use ten hours a day on shifts. For the Carnegie Mellon MHCI Capstone Project, my group explored new interface displays and controls for use with the next generation of DeltaV software. A large part of the project was simply understanding the problem domain. I stepped up as project manager when our group had dificulties.

As final deliverables we produced a large document detailing our research, a set of prototypes of some of our proposed features, and a presentation of this work.

We also put together a web site summarizing our work.

I put together a brief "overview" style document which detailed the proposals our prototypes put forth. Below are two rasterized pages from the document.

Prototype Details: Integrated graphs

Prototype Details: Stickies attached to components

From our final presentation, this is an overview of the methods we used featuring miniature previews of the models we made.

Presentation: Methods used

For the final presentation we wanted to demonstrate our prototypes but call out specific features. I worked with Jason to capture movies of our prototypes and overlay callouts using Apple Keynote. Below is a still from this hybrid movie-presentation.

Presentation: Movie with callouts still
Julian Missig