Turning Ideas into Things

I design interactions and experiments to build better user interfaces. I am motivated by developing ideas with a community of amazing people. A bunch of small ideas from different people and places, woven together, can make better beautiful things.



The Prototyping Team is an exploratory design team. We design software to explore new hardware. We help decide: Should we do this? and What does this do for people? We make prototypes to feel an experience, and then we organize the work to understand the space of possibilities.

I’ve been an individual designer/prototyper and am now a design manager for half the team.

Not much of what I make at Apple is directly public. My company has filed patents and patent applications on my work.

For an overview of my prior work history, here is a single-page résumé.

Open Source


I was involved with the creation of an instant messaging system called Jabber / XMPP. I designed, built, and (open-source-style-) managed a Linux / Gnome client for it.

Some of my old work is archived on Github.

Carnegie Mellon

Cognitive Science + HCI

I graduated from Carnegie Mellon University with a Master of Human-Computer Interaction degree. Prior to that I earned a B.S. in Cognitive Science with an additional major in Human-Computer Interaction.